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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

There are five three-dimensional TESTA seating systems in MESHI rehabilitation center:

Three of them are used in dormitories and kindergartens and the other two in the school. The chairs are used by children with complex motor impairments at different levels.

From our experience with chairs there are several advantages:

· The chair is lightweight, with a unique anatomical structure and a built-in pommel, pleasant upholstery that can be removed and washed, and safety straps for the pelvis and trunk.

· The chair has a variety of addons: height-adjustable headrest, base for tilting the chair backwards, a base for raising children with a shortening of muscle length in the legs and built-in straps for connecting the seat to a regular chair.

· The chairs are stable, comfortable, and safe, so the hands are free to press switches, interact with a friend, hold a ball, etc. This gives children the opportunity to participate in a maximum and effective way in activities and groups with their friends, which take place on the floor.

· The possibility of positioning child with complex disability in free time and in active groups, without the need for adult support, saves manpower and streamlines work in the educational-rehabilitative framework.


Rebecca Amlas - Yaeli Weinstock

seating and positioning specialists

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