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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Nicky Halperin occupational therapist at Taf La Ta.

Nicky is an occupational therapist with experience of 36 years, working with children with special needs, and passioned to work with children with multiple disabilities.

Currently Nicky works at “Taf-La-Taf“ Rehabilitation Center for children with all kinds of disabilities, having a daycare for 6 mouth babies, kindergarten and school for children from six old up to 21 years.


Biggest and main things that we love TESTA seat is that it goes on the floor and none of the other chairs are supportive enough on the floor. you can get corner seat that has straps and a table but for some of our children the headrest is not supportive enough and it just does not provide enough support.

We also found that your seat has a contoured shape, it provides a lot of support, without having too many extra pieces having an excellent position. Also, as you built it with a little bit of the wedge and a Pummel in the middle it gave the excellent position of the legs and the pelvis. Once you hold the pelvis in a good position the trunk and the head follow and supported very nicely.

Parents can seat with the other children, on the floor. One of the seats should fit in the bath, as this seat made out of plastic and can fit the bath, it is going to be away for a child that he wanted to sit in the bath, otherwise the chairs that the government gives us a very big and bulky they not compact and easy to deal with which is what your chair it's amazing. It's small and it's compact, lightweight, and it was beautiful, other chairs are not like that.

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