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Therapeutic Positioning Equipment as a highchair


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TESTA is a young technology company in the field of  inclusive interior, which believes that innovative digital production technologies can simplify production processes, improve product quality and reduce their cost. In this way it is possible to make inclusive interior accessible and give independence to more people around the world.


Our goal is to develop a one stop shop that enables the clinical staff as a physiotherapist and occupational therapist, to create anatomic and orthopedic solutions at the push of a button — reducing the time from the measuring to the final product.



TESTA develops, designs and manufactures tailor interior as seating system and work stations. A new approach that develops following innovative digital production technologies (CNC, 3D printing, etc.), the method is based on the product being adjusted on a computerized file adapted to production technologies. in this way we make the fitting process simpler and the production process automated that almost not requires a  human hand involvement. This way you we provide a prestigious, affordable inclusive interior.


Tailor design enables people to live healthy, productive, independent, and dignified lives, and to participate in education, the labor market, and civilian life. Assistive technology reduces the need for formal health and support services, nursing care, and caregiver work. Without assistive technology, people are usually marginalized, isolated and imprisoned in poverty, thus increasing the impact of illness and disability on a person, their family and society.

In addition, we can develop additional elements that can improve the quality of your life, for example, foot support, headrest, straps, and more.

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