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It's a Life Changer

Updated: Jan 13


The Mother of 6 years old Shani

We have a Rifton system which is very good and very reliable, but it also is very expensive and heavy, you cannot take it anywhere. Shani is a part of our big family, we love her, and we want her to be with us everywhere we go. We need seating arrangement for her so she can come with us, to the restaurant, to Grandma, hotel, abroad etc.. We need something portable, not heavy that you can pack and go, you can’t do it with any other seating arrangement, we didn’t find anything like this, and then we find TESTA seat.

We use this seat everywhere. Shani sits in the dinner table with us, when we take her to the beach, she was in the pool with the other kids, she was sitting with us at Grandma's house, we took it to a vacation with us, it wights nothing, we just take it with us to the plane and it's very good solution for us.

"She played and felt like everyone else"

When we are going to the beach, instead of me holding her in my arms unable to move, I can just sit there without holding her. Now she can sit there in the seat playing with the sand, I like to place the seat near the sea so she can have the waves coming over, it was so nice.

And then at Saturday we have a small pool in the backyard, we place all the kids there, she set there with all the kids, she played and felt like everyone else, and for us it was amazing, I cannot describe the feeling, having your daughter filling like she is normal, she can seat with other kids. And I don’t need to be inside the pool – it is an amazing solution it is a life changer.

Usually, parents with handicaps have their own zones, with seating arrangement and other equipment feeling outside the group. And now she can be one of us, it is priceless, the seat really goes with us for everywhere. The environment reaction on this chair is great it dosn't looks like equipment for disabled.

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